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Be Social: Tips for Driving Sales Through Social Media

Shopping is a social event, especially online. At FFANY on Thursday, Socialfly co-founder Courtney Spritzer presented the dos and don’ts on how footwear brands and retailers can use social media to drive sales. From making and implementing a measurable plan to understanding the benefits of each platform, here’s some of the social media guru’s best advice.

What is your goal?
From communicating with consumers and learning about their style preferences, to using social media to provide quick and friendly customer service, Spritzer said there are many benefits of going social beyond the obvious. The key is to make a goal and plan accordingly. Who do you wish to target? Which platforms are your customers using? Do you wish to drive traffic to your website? Or, increase brand awareness? Spritzer said your goal should influence which platforms you focus your efforts, adding that Twitter is best for customer service, Snapchat is good for behind-the-scenes looks and Pinterest is known for driving e-commerce.

Is Facebook relevant?
Don’t write off Facebook just yet. While platforms like Snapchat and Instagram allow brands to tap into their creative side with photography and video, Spritzer said Facebook is still relevant with 1.94 billion users. Spritzer said leverage all areas of your company’s Facebook page by featuring your logo as a profile photo and a beautiful image of your product or storefront as the cover photo. “Change it out each season as it makes sense,” she added. Monitor pages so you can address customer service issues and consider using Facebook advertising to reach the right audience. “Invest in Facebook ads. You can target customers by zip code and see what [type of content] resonates with them,” she explained.

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Why is Instagram important?
Spritzer recommends Instagram for fashion brands because it is the best platform to create “shareable and aesthetically pleasing content.” However, she said it essential to be strategic about each post. Instagram photos should be cohesive. Spritzer recommends sticking to a color palette. Each post should also be attention-grabbing, show that the company has a point-of-view and needs to express a sense of style. Never post a poor-quality photo, or an image you wouldn’t “like” yourself, she added.

Do influencers live up to the hype?
Spritzer said working with style influencers is one of the best ways to get your product discovered, however she said be smart about who you work with since there are many ways influencers can increase their following through bots. To ensure that they have “real followers,” Spritzer said review their comments—they should have a 2-5 percent engagement rate. She also recommended product exchanges instead of paying for placement, that way there’s still a budget for more traditional advertising methods. One of the most effective ways to use influencers is by tapping into what Spritzer calls “micro influencers.” These influencers have a few thousand followers but a much more targeted and engaged audience than celebrities.