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Study: Women Would Rather Kiss and Tell Than Shop and Tell

According to a new survey conducted by the online shopping site, ShoeBuy, 40 percent of women would rather tell their significant other about their romantic history than tell them how much they would spend on shoes.

ShoeBuy’s national survey asked consumers, ages 25-54, on their shopping and style secrets. Curiously, these women don’t mind shopping on dates, as one in six of these women would shop a flash sale from their phone on a date, while one in five men would shop on their phone in a meeting.

The survey also found that men are twice as likely as women to wear athletic clothes when not exercising to fake a workout, while women are more likely to frequently wear yoga pants for comfort. Fortunately for fakers and comfort seekers, three in five people find their partner sexier when they are wearing athletic clothing.

ShoeBuy’s report also found forty percent of women who wear heels feel more confident when sporting a pair of stilettos, and one third of men who wear dress shoes feel more powerful when wearing them.