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Ugg Launches Social Media-Linked Rewards System

Finally, posting pictures of your Ugg boots on Facebook comes with real perks.

Ugg announced a new rewards program for faithful customers. The Ugg Rewards program will give customers points not only when they make a purchase, but when the engage with Ugg’s website like adding an item to a wish list, or posting about Ugg on social media.

“The retail landscape we play in today is a highly sensorial, engaging and constantly evolving environment. Successful brands like Ugg realize that loyal customers make incredible advocates. Ugg Rewards is a celebration of the invaluable partnership between a brand and its innermost fans,” said Stefano Caroti, Deckers Brands president of omnichannel.

Using the new points system, customers will receive three points just for signing up, and can receive additional points for sharing or adding items to their wishlist. Users also receive one point for pinning Uggs on Pinterest or tweeting about them, and can receive up to six points for buying an Ugg product. These Ugg points can then be exchanged for rewards, the first of which will be a $20 Ugg gift card for 10 points.

“Ugg Rewards is based on a simple concept: reward our loyal customers for engaging with us regardless of purchase,” said Carma Caughlan, director of customer engagement and loyalty. “Customers want choice and achievable benefits. Our new program delivers both while adding a layer of community by giving customers the opportunity to collect additional points for social sharing.”