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Ugg Partners With Chicago-Area Flea Markets to Combat Counterfeits

Deckers Brands, owner of the Ugg brand, announced a cooperative agreement with the operator of three Swap-O-Rama flea markets in the Chicago area selling Ugg products. The agreement establishes best practices to halt the sale of counterfeit Ugg boots and slippers.

Under the agreement, flea market management has the right to stricter control over vendors and their products, including regular market patrols and the right to remove suspect products. The guidelines suggest that vendors should produce receipts when selling Ugg footwear, and that those found repeatedly selling counterfeits should be banned from the market. If a vendor is found in possession of more than 50 counterfeit pairs, the police and the Ugg brand representative will be contacted.

Ugg’s anti-counterfeit website states that authentic Ugg and I Heart Ugg products can be distinguished by a security feature contained in a reflective security label sewn into the left shoe or boot and on the shoebox.

In a statement, Dave Powers, president of Deckers Brands, said, “We are pleased to be working with the Swap-O-Rama flea markets to create these guidelines and best practices, which is an important step in our program to educate flea market owners and patrons about the dangers of selling counterfeit Ugg brand products and what they can do to protect themselves.”