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US Footwear Prices Outpace Apparel in April

Children’s footwear prices continued to strengthen in April, driving up the overall footwear CPI for the tenth straight month, according to data released last week by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, helping to offset the big drop in apparel prices that pressured the combined apparel and footwear price index.

The overall footwear price index increased by 2.7% in the month. The boys’ and girls’ footwear price index jumped 7.7%, slightly less than March’s huge increase, and the continuation of a trend begun a year ago in which parents are investing again in higher quality shoes for their children. Men’s footwear prices rose by 1.8%, while women’s edged up by less than one percent.

Overall unadjusted inflation in the U.S. fell slightly in April compared to last year, but excluding food and energy costs, which declined, inflation rose by 1.8%.