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Zalando Launches Software for Small Retailers to Sell Online

Online retailer Zalando is giving boutiques a chance to access online commerce with the update of their Fashion Platform software.

As a part of Zalando’s “#IntergradedCommerce” campaign, the Europe-based online retailer is now offering local retailers the opportunity to sell products through the website’s fashion platform. Like a combination of Etsy and Amazon, local shops will now be able to access Zalando’s Europe-wide customer base.

With help from Zalando’s external partner Gaxsys and their retail software “gax-system”, boutiques will be able to use Zalando’s fashion platform with minimal technical effort.

“With its platform strategy, Zalando is working on different ways to not only connect big brands and retailers, but to connect local stores with limited technological infrastructures for the first time. This way, Zalando can be a digital solution for smaller retailers who are facing the challenges of digitalization and offer them a further sales channel,” said Zalando Logistics VP Jan Bartels.

In June, Zalando started a beta test of the software with 10 small retailers. Among them is Tip Tap Kinderschuhe from Weilheim, Germany.

“As a local store, our main challenge is to reach new customers, especially those of the younger generations. That’s why, in order to generate extra sales, e-commerce is important for us as an additional distribution channel. So far the experience of selling online via the gax-system has been a good one. We are now able to sell more brands and benefit from Zalando’s vast reach,” said Thomas Ganguin, owner of Tip Tap.