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10 Standout Leather Innovations for Autumn-Winter 17/18

Première Vision Leather is always keen to offer its visitors new products to inspire their collections, as well as technical innovations that provide solutions for improving production and the characteristics of their leather items.

This is the aim of the Incube forum, which presents the most cutting-edge products from a selection of exhibitors, arranged under several themes. Here are the 10 innovations that caught our attention.

New Textures
This season, leather professionals have been working on the textures of leather, perfecting or even transforming how they usually feel. By buffing and feeding Karung leather with fish oil at the end of the production process, Cuir de Lagny radically transformed this product that is generally much less supple and much drier, while the ostrich leather from Italhide, which has been thinned to 0.6 mm and nourished with oils and fats with very low specific gravities, achieves a degree of softness and lightness that makes it ideal for manufacturing clothing.

The innovative work of tanneries means that leather can take on unusual, even unsettling appearances. That is how, after dipping it in chemicals and removing the hair in an irregular manner, Inducol transformed a simple merino lamb shearling into a strange astrakhan. Even more remarkable is the transparent leather from Anil Tannery, obtained by tanning the leather using natural chemical products and then drying it under specific conditions. This technical prowess can be applied to sheep or calf leathers.

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In a constant quest for innovation, leather industry professionals have refined techniques that allow them to develop completely new items, such as this new laminated product from Bopell combining laser-perforated and washed sheep leather with a lamé textile. Or this insertion of sequins between goat leather and a film of snakeskin scales from Amaltea by Ingropelli which gives the article an enhanced sparkle and shine. Meanwhile, Alric tannery have laminated an ultra-thin dipped lamb leather that has been made showerproof and water-resistant onto a silk organza, giving an ultra-light, extra-strong and waterproof material ideal for creating a luxury windcheater.


The demand for smooth, chic appearances is driving tanneries to produce leathers with soft and uniform surfaces. Using pressing, polishing and stacking techniques, Siddiq Leather Works tightens the grain of cow leather until it becomes as smooth and lustrous as calf leather.


As beautiful as an item in leather should be, it also has to be practical for daily use. That is why leather professionals are striving to add functional qualities to heir materials. Who has not been irritated by missing a call on their mobile because it was impossible to take the call wearing gloves? Thanks to the sheep leather from Giorgio Portolano Pelli, which conducts electricity as a result of a product sprayed onto it during the finishing stages, calls can now be taken in all weathers.


Hand Finished
A living and traditional material, leather often needs a human touch to perfect its final appearance. Gilded with sheets of 23-carat gold like furniture from the 18th Century, this crocodile leather from Cuir de Lagny achieves new heights of luxury and uniqueness.