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Report: Running Shoes are 38% Cheaper Online on Average

More bad news for brick-and-mortar retailers locked into MSRPs pricing structures. A new study by, an online community of runners, found on average consumers save 38.14 percent, or $46.19, by purchasing running shoes online as opposed to in stores. While traditional retailers are contracted to sell product at high retail prices to ensure quality, the report says online retailers are harder to police.

During the month of March, RunRepeat collected 183,911 prices from 41 U.S. retailers and 36 running shoe brands. A total of 2,436 running shoes were compared. The average MSRP of 450 current season running shoes was $121.10, however the cheapest option for each shoe were found online, with the average online price of $74.91. In total, 86 percent of all running shoes are available at discounted prices online.

Discounts were even deeper for runners opting for last season’s styles. Buying last season’s models online compared to buying the current styles in store resulted in a 50 percent saving, or $60.69, according to the report.

The priciest brands were Hoka One One, followed by Newton and Salomon. The study found that more arch support provided in a shoe, the more expensive it will likely be. The report said motion control running shoes are 13.68% (or $10.08) more expensive than stability running shoes, 10.86% (or $8.21) more expensive than neutral running shoes and 24.89% ( or $16.70) more expensive than minimalist running shoes.

And don’t underestimate the power of user reviews. RunRepeat found a “clear pattern” that disliked running shoes are more discounted than well-liked shoes.