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Nike is the Fastest Growing Brand on Instagram

Instagram is has become footwear’s social media hub, and when it comes to insta-footwear, sneakers are king. It should come as no surprise then that the biggest sneaker brand of them all was recently found to be the fastest growing on the social media platform.

Stylophane, a marketing firm that provides social media analytics for the fashion and beauty industries, recently published its report on the fastest growing brands on Instagram for the month of June, and Nike came out on top.

The Oregon-based brand recorded 4.6 million new followers during the month of June, up 9.7%, bringing its total followers to 53.1 million.

Nike is extremely active on Instagram, and has successfully used the platform to target segmented audiences. Case-in-point it’s Nike Women Instagram, which boasts 4.8 million followers and recently won praise for featuring plus-sized models.

Arch-rival Adidas, meanwhile, placed third on the overall list of fastest growing brands, acquiring more than 594,000 followers for the month of June, bringing its total followers to 9.1 million. Rounding out the top five growing Instagram footwear brands were Vans, Converse and Puma.