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Adidas Plans Professional Sports Takeover Through Major Yeezy Expansion

Adidas looks to be getting serious in their promise to build Kanye West’s Yeezy line of sneakers into its own performance and lifestyle brand.

In an interview with Slam, Adidas Global Entertainment and Influencer Marketing VP Jon Wexler revealed plans for Yeezy branded basketball models, slated to debut in early 2017.

Wexler said the shoes will tap into West’s influence in the NBA league, worn by “an increasingly impressive roster of emerging Adidas basketball players.” Adidas is looking to flip its “court to street” strategy, using its streetwear cache as a trojan horse to sign more athletes.

The article also revealed Adidas’ plans for Yeezy football, baseball and soccer variants in an effort to sponsor more athletes. While the brand currently sponsors around 20 athletes in each stateside league, the brand is planning to sign up to 250 players in both the NFL and MLB within the next three seasons.

Adidas and West also have an answer for critics who decried his fashion line as overhyped and overpriced. The company reportedly has Yeezy brand performance and lifestyle apparel slated for 2017, priced “in reasonable tiers.”

“The beauty of this partnership is that there really is no ceiling now,” said Wex, speaking with Slam. “I think we’re all exploring different ways that we can maximize it. Knowing that we want this partnership to last forever, we don’t want it to be one of those flashes in the pan.”