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3 Apparel Trends Influencing Fall ’17 Footwear

What works for apparel works for footwear, as is the case with three trends shoe brands touted for Fall ’17 at FFANY.

From lush textures and embellishments to novelty items decked out with patches, here’s a look at three apparel trends influencing footwear designs for fall.

Brands with something to say are turning to emojis, patches and other icons to express themselves. The chatterbox trend, which has dominated outerwear and denim this fall season, is carrying into footwear for women and Juniors. These fun embellishments decorate the uppers of combat boots, slip-on sneakers, ballet flats and more. Below: Nina Originals


Embroidery stitches its way into women’s footwear. This fall the decadent embellishment has graced the racks of everyone from Dolce & Gabbana to Zara, with most designs focused on lush florals, vintage roses and elegant scroll work. The same can be said for Fall ’17 footwear, adding a touch of old-fashion craftsmanship to modern ankle boots, oxfords and flats. Below: Restricted


Velvet gowns, oversized blazers and pajama-inspired pieces are in shops now. The regal fabric is breaking out of holiday becoming a go-to fabrication for the entire fall/winter season. The trend transitions into footwear for Fall ’17 with flats, mules, boots and dressy sneakers. Expect to see velvet crushed, embossed and embellished with bows, crystals and other fancy ornamentation. Below: Jon Josef