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A New Exhibit Examines Footwear as Art

Now there’s a place for quirky and innovative shoes to call home: the New York Bowery.

The Bezalel Academy and Design, Jerusalem debuted Walk of Art: Visionary Shoes, an exclusive art collection that shows the intertwining of art and culture within women’s footwear.

The exhibit features over 60 student and alumni designs from the Jerusalem-based academy, and runs until Feb. 13. The shoes on display show avant-garde and creativity through combining traditional aspects with modern concepts.

“Shoes are objects that have an almost mystical ability to instantly rivet us,” said curator Ya’ara Keydar. “The Walk of Art: Visionary Shoes is an exploration of the charged history, iconic shapes and mystery that so often surrounds shoes through the lens of burgeoning Israeli designers and alumni of the Bezalel.”

The footwear range from bizarre to ephemeral, using materials like salt-crystals from the Dead Sea to glass, metal, wood and technological advancements like 3D printing. While some of the shoes are meant to be seen and not worn, others come from the minds of wearable artists and designers like Kobi Levi, who has designed shoes for the likes of Lady Gaga.


“Walk of Art is an exhibition that embodies the spirit of Bezalel through its fusion of art and fashion. We are excited to see our talented students and acclaimed alumni explore the complex and fascinating social history and design evolution of women’s shoes with their art,” said Adi Stern, Bezalel president.