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Nordstrom Issues Response To Trump’s Tweet

The Ivanka Trump saga continues with the help of her father and his twitter account.

President Trump tweeted that he believed his daughter was treated unfairly by the retailer after the news broke that Nordstrom, dropped the brand.

The tweet comes after NordstromNeiman Marcus and now possibly Belk removed Ivanka Trump merchandise from their stores.

Nordstrom issued another statement Wednesday in response to the president’s tweet.

According to a statement made by a Nordstrom spokesperson obtained by CNN:

Nordstrom maintains the reasons for dropping Trump’s products were purely financial, though the president believes otherwise.

Shoppers and activists may be awaiting the fate of Ivanka Trump’s collections, but the company maintains its growth plans for this year. A Representative for Ivanka Trump’s brand cited that the brand continues to “expand across categories and distribution with increased customer support.”