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Nike’s New Packaging is Made of Milk Cartons

Packaging nabbed some of the thunder from sneakers on Nike Air Max Day on Sunday.

Miniwiz CEO Arthur Huang teamed up with NikeLab to create modular packaging made entirely of post-consumer materials like milk and orange juice containers and coffee cup lids.

Miniwiz is dedicated to developing functional uses for consumer trash and industrial waste. The company worked with Nike in 2015 to develop nine stores and interiors as part of the NikeLab concept. Miniwiz incorporated its recycled materials into the stores’ fixtures and installations.

The lightweight packaging was made from a single process Polypropylene with no added chemicals. It can also be reused as a backpack.

The packaging was designed for the NikeLab Air Max 1 Royal, a shoe that uses the brand’s own sustainable process, Nike Flyknit.

“We love Flynit as a technology,” said Huang on “It gives designers a new canvas to create cool, while lowering environmental impact. We want to be associated with that and are glad that we are a part of this revolution.”