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A New Report Explains Why Mules Might Lead to Back Pain

The delicious suede, fur-lined and embroidered mules filling up stores (and Instagram feeds) this spring may come with some health consequences—and women are fine with it.

The British Chiropractic Association (BCA) found that 28 percent of women are aware that some clothing effects their back or neck pain and posture, yet are not influenced to make better fashion choices.

The report calls out footwear, naming high heels and backless footwear as some of the top trends to have a negative effect on health. The report found that 20 percent of women responding in the research said they choose to wear shoes, such as mules, which BCA said can increase strain on the legs and lower back.

Instead, BCA is encouraging women to wear a variety of footwear. “High heels force you to hold your body in a manner which promotes tension in your spine so, if you wear high heels, counteract any potential damage by wearing trainers or shoes with a lower heel from time to time and try to choose a wedge or chunkier heel over a stiletto,” the report stated.