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More Tanneries Sponsor Applied DNA’s Leather Traceability Project

Applied DNA Sciences’ leather traceability project is gaining momentum.

The supply chain security company announced Wednesday that two more companies, Scottish Leather Group and Tong Hong, have agreed to sponsor the company’s project with BLC Leather Technology Centre to develop and validate a SigNature T-based system to provide comprehensive and verifiable leather traceability, from farm to finished products.

The proprietary DNA-based system can be used to identify, tag, test and track products to help assure their authenticity, origin, traceability and quality. SigNature DNA describes the core technology ingredient that is found throughout Applied DNA Sciences’ security and authentication solutions.

As the largest leather manufacturer in the United Kingdom, Scottish Leather Group Ltd is composed of four leather manufacturing subsidiaries and a technology company. The group’s export sales represent over 80 percent of turnover and it produces leather for footwear, furniture, automotive and more.

With manufacturing plants for split leather in Vietnam, South China and Indonesia, Tong Hong Tannery has become the largest manufacturer of split leather in the world. The company produce responsible leather with a recycled water usage rate of nearly 80 percent. The tannery also offers a fully commercialized water-based Polyurethane-coating system that eliminates solvents.

With these new additions, the research project now totals seven sponsors, including Puma SE and C&J Clark International, among other global brands.

“These addition of these new sponsors reflects the leather industry’s growing interest in a 100 percent secure supply chain for its products and an ongoing commitment to taking positive action to deal with environmental sustainability, animal welfare and supply chain risk management that are key issues for industrial participants and their customers,” said Tony Benson, Applied DNA EMEA managing director