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This New Shoe App Aims to Solve Fit Problems

A new app aims to streamline the shoe fitting and selection process.

Find Me A Shoe, an EMBL Retail Inc. brand, launched Tuesday the beta version of its virtual fitting service for footwear called Try Me.

The mobile and vision-based technology provides consumers with shoe recommendations based on precision measurements and personalized fitting algorithms that go beyond the traditional shoe scale system.

“We are the pioneer in this personalized fitting space. We don’t use analytics or purchase history. Our technology takes the purist approach to shoe fitting. Our passion for the art of shoe fitting and cutting-edge technology has led us to bring you the world’s first personalized virtual trial shopping,” said Anand Ganesan, CEO of Find Me A Shoe.

The patent pending technology enables consumers to find a shoe by uploading three images of their foot to the app. The recommendation engine simulates a shopper’s foot (with 12+ parameters) inside every model before suggesting the best size and fit.

With cloud-based servers running Artificial Intelligence-enabled complex computer vision algorithms in the background, recommendations ensure customer’s toes and heels will fit comfortably in that new shoe.

Find Me A Shoe offers its fitting service to footwear retailers and brand outlets to deliver accurate fit recommendation and reduce returns.