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4 Trends to Watch at theMicam

Buyers will get their first taste of Italian footwear trends for Spring ’17 at the 82nd edition of theMICAM in Milan, Sept. 3-6.

The show, which will include designated areas for luxury, contemporary, leisure and children’s footwear, will offer a blend of “urban grit and romantic folk” fashion in four distinct themes: Luxe Tech, Exotic Fringe, Romantic Grit and Eclectic Wave

Luxe Tech
In “Luxe Tech,” men’s and women’s brands use single colors like powder pink, gray and burgundy to create a sense of serenity. Suede, quilted fabrics, lightweight leather and elastic materials add comfort. Bright metallic highlights and high-tech open fabrics add a futuristic element to the overall look.

Exotic Fringe
Warm and playful flavors from Cuba and the Caribbean are evident in “Exotic Fringe.” The trend calls for sandals decorated with tropical flowers and leaves, rope details, sequins, fringe and raw leather. Rich shades of blue, red ad magenta and accents of green and mustard make an impact in women’s collections. Men’s styles are more relaxed with natural cotton and lightweight leather uppers in neutral hues. Soles with natural rope are a must-have in both athletic and dress styles.

Romantic Grit
Patchwork, embroidery and colors from the earth and pastel families create a city-friendly and romantic story for spring. For women, leather is aged and fabrics are cozy. The same weathered look is carried into men’s footwear, which combines suede and worked leather with sport influences, such as Velcro, stretch and mesh.

Eclectic Wave
The 1980s are back in a genre of footwear that mashes together punk, new romanticism and activewear. Women’s “Eclectic Wave” styles insert metallic leather, neoprene and elastic materials in electric colors for a futuristic look. Mirror effects are prominent in sandals and sneakers. Graphics and prints dominate men’s styles. Abstract and geometric patterns make a bold statement, meanwhile laces take on a more decorative role.

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More than 1,400 companies will exhibit at theMICAM, including heritage Italian labels Missoni, Pollini and Gattinoni. Through the show, Assocalzaturifici, the Italian footwear manufacturers’ association, hopes to reintroduce Italian footwear to growing markets, including the United States. The show will also feature a screening of a film, Niente per caso, which looks back at over a half century of Italian fashion footwear.

In a press release, Assocalzaturifici Chair Annarita Pilott, said, “theMICAM offers the right occasion to re-launch Italian footwear, an essential event for everyone working in the industry offering an opportunity to meet buyers from all over the world and establish or consolidate business relations and finalise their international marketing strategies.”