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5 Ugly Shoes the Fashion World Can’t Stop Talking About

Like the anti-trend “normcore,” and subversive fashion darlings Vetements, “ugly” clothing is having a strange rise in popularity among trend setters. Maybe the rise of ugly is a response to the breakneck speeds of trends powered by the internet and social media or the feeling that designs are disposable because of fast fashion retailers like H&M and Zara.

And when it comes to ugly fashion what’s uglier than ugly shoes? The internet has been a-buzz recently regarding shoe collaborations like Crocs and Christopher Kane and the unexpected union of Ugg and Teva. In fact, the Teva x Ugg collaboration has prompted fashion writers at Cosmopolitan, Racked and Huffington Post to call them “the ugliest shoes of all time.”

With fashion gatekeepers excited about the newest ugly shoe craze, here’s our list of five notable ugly shoes. In the end, beauty (or ugly) is in the eye of the beholder.