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AAFA Forms Footwear Action Committee

The American Apparel & Footwear Association (AAFA) has announced the establishment of a new action committee that will work to better support the footwear industry at large.

The AAFA Footwear Action Committee will work to implement policies, programs and initiatives to better help AAFA members who make, sell, and distribute shoes.

Nate Herman, AAFA’s vice president of international trade, will lead the group, which will focus on three specific areas, including producing better footwear-specific products and tools, helping to craft footwear-focused policy, and creating a forum for discussion among AAFA members on footwear-related issues.

“This new working group will enable AAFA to further the great services we already provide our members on footwear. This committee will serve as a dedicated and formalized platform for members to discuss issues unique to the production, sourcing, and selling of shoes,” said Rick Helfenbein, AAFA president and CEO.

The first agenda item for the AAFA Footwear Action Committee will be discussions on potential policy options already under development that AAFA could work with Congress to pursue this year.