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Adidas and Reebok Named Among Most Transparent Brands

Supply chain transparency continues to be a source of tension among consumers and brands. However, Adidas and Reebok are taking steps toward a more transparent future, according to Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index 2017.

Fashion Revolution chose 100 brands based on three factors: annual turnover of more than $1.2 billion, the brands voluntarily agreed to be included in last year’s edition and the brands represent a cross-section of market segments.

The Fashion Transparency Index then judged companies based on five criteria: policy and commitments; governance; traceability; know, show and fix; and spotlight issues. The Index awards points based on publicly disclosed information.

The average score for brands within the index was 49 out of 250, which means brands scored just 20 percent of total possible points.

Adidas and Reebok earned the highest scores of 121.5 out of 250 (49 percent of total possible points), followed by Marks and Spencer, H&M, Puma, Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy.

“Transparency encourages scrutiny, vigilance and accountability. It’s like opening one’s front door and allowing others to look inside; not yet the full picture but an important step towards openness and public disclosure,” said Orsola de Castro, founder and creative director of Fashion Revolution. “And of course, the more doors are open, the more the picture becomes clearer, the better we can understand and ameliorate supply chain workers’ lives and the environment.”

Looking at where other brands stack up, only two—Levi Strauss and Gucci—promote repair services to help extend the life of their products. When it comes to publishing supplier lists, 32 brands are doing it, including Asos, Esprit, Gap and VF Corporation. In other positive news, 14 brands are publishing details on their processing facilities, including Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy, which also scored highest on traceability at 44 percent.