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Adidas Opens First Virtual Reality Concept Store in Sweden

Adidas launched its first virtual reality store in Europe on Thursday, in conjunction with the re-opening of its flagship store in Stockholm, Sweden.

The virtual reality ‘store’ is located through a new website,, serving as a virtual tour of the Stockholm flagship filmed with a 360-degree camera. The online experience features Swedish sports and fitness profiles accompanying users through the store, showcasing clothing and other merchandise along the way.

“The introduction of the 360° Concept Store is in line with our ambition to be in the forefront of the digital shopping experience, which we achieve by adding interactive dimensions to the VR-experience,” said Johan Mårfelt, Adidas retail marketing activations manager. “For the observer, VR is still to a large extent a passive experience, but by introducing interactive elements that make it possible for the user to be a participant we hope that going forward we’ll be able to erase the line between the digital and physical store experience.”

While the virtual shopping experience is still relatively limited, the technological moves are indicative of more to come. The news of the first European virtual reality store comes soon after the brand’s release of its first 3D printed shoes, showing off the brand’s technological chops.