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Adidas Receives Online Backlash for Misspelling “Colombia”

Adidas is being called out by football fans for an embarrassing spelling error in one of its U.S. ad campaigns.

The ads in question appear as part of Adidas’ promotional push for the 2016 Copa America tournament, hosted by the United States, which incorrectly spells the name of the South American country as “Columbia”.

Images of the advertisement quickly flooded Twitter, leading to backlash against Adidas. One user who posted an image of the misspelled ad from a store in Los Angeles said, “To me it’s worse than playing the wrong anthem. How does this happen @adidas?”

Adidas was quick to issue an apology for the gaffe, saying, “We value our partnership with the Colombian Football Federation and apologize for our mistake.”

“We removed these graphics and are quickly installing new versions today,” the company continued.

Still, it appears the damage had already been done. Another Twitter user was so upset by the misspelling they penned an open letter to the footwear company, saying in part, “I am extremely tired of seeing my country’s name misspelled in almost every setting I’ve found it mentioned.”

“To see Adidas, one of the biggest sports merchandise manufacturers, make the same mistake and put it on public display for all to see is very disappointing.”