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Adidas Sues APL for Trademark Infringement

Adidas is taking Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) to court for shoes it claims are just too reminiscent of its famous three-striped design.

The lawsuit, filed last week at the U.S. District Court in Portland, alleges that APL is “designing, sourcing, manufacturing, distributing, marketing, promoting, offering for sale, and/or selling footwear bearing confusingly similar imitations of adidas’s Three-Stripe Mark.”

Adidas claims that APL’s TechLoom Pro and Blade are imitations of its own Ultra Boost and Crazy 8 styles, and that APL has engaged in deceptive trade practices in marketing a “confusingly similar” four-stripe design, according to the lawsuit.

Adidas is seeking monetary damages and wants APL to “disgorge” all profits from the sales of its imitation footwear, which Adidas says in the lawsuit is a “blatant disregard” of Adidas’s intellectual property.

When reached for comment by Koin 6 News, APL declined to comment on the allegations.