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Adidas Originals Launches Film, ‘Original is Never Finished’

Adidas Originals debuted a star-studded film titled ‘Original is Never Finished’ Wednesday, encouraging the next generation to delve deeper into the meaning of originality. The campaign is in conjunction with the re-launch of Adidas EQT footwear, a celebrated collection from the 1990s.

After successful sales in 2016, the athletic brand is poised to take on 2017 with an equal amount of gusto.

Featuring creative direction by Johannes Leonardo, the film remixes Frank Sinatra’s famous song, ‘My Way.’ Influencers from different generations ranging from the music, skate, sport, art and style community are featured.

“Everything we do for Adidas Originals is a work in progress, as true creativity is never finished,” said Alegra O’Hare, VP of global communications Adidas Originals and Core. “We are constantly challenging ourselves and breaking down the boundaries that limit imagination; we hope to inspire all creators to do the same.”