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Aetrex Debuts New 3-D Foot Scanning Machine

Aetrex, a leader in footwear technology, debuted an innovative 3-D foot scanner, at FN PLATFORM last week.

The 3-D foot scanner, named Albert, is comprised of 5,000 gold-plated sensors—each plate featuring over 900 infrared LEDs and receptors and 18 digital cameras. The technology captures information on the person’s foot, allowing shoppers to make better, more informed decisions when looking for shoes or insoles.

Albert delivers information on the person’s size, pressure and arch type while showing a 3-D image of the consumer’s foot. The device also encourages customers to wear custom orthotics for their unique feet.

“We are excited to introduce Albert and show how this new technology will have impactful results, improving the comfort and health of consumers,” said Aetrex CEO Larry Schwartz. “While the majority of the footwear industry is hyper-focused on creating online retail experiences, we are focused on bringing consumers back into stores, adding unique value in the form of Albert, and then providing them with an engaging retail experience for their customers.”

The operating system works with two of Aetrex’s websites, and will eventually become a sort of WebMD for your feet, according to the brand. The knowledge accumulated is cloud-based allowing shoppers access to the information at any time.