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Aldo Turns to Influencers for its Fall Campaign

Aldo tapped into its digital network of fans and influencers to star in its multimedia Fall ’17 campaign, launching Thursday.

The Montreal-based footwear brand and retailer brought together a line-up of diverse young women and men—including DJs, artists, singers, actors and models—to share their stories and passions through footwear and accessories. In each ad, influencers share what they love, from “living it up” to “all eyes on me.”

The campaign highlight’s Aldo’s fall collection of unisex sneaker styles, men’s mixed media brogues and women’s embellished boots.

Aldo celebrates individuality and love through its fall 2017 campaign (CNW Group/ALDO Group)

“Given our global reach, we wanted our campaign to be inviting and inspiring to the people who shop in our stores, through the app or online. It’s fundamental to create individual experiences which then generate a collective dialogue”, explains Daianara Grullon Amalfitano, Aldo senior vice president.

The company says it is taking a consumer-first approach to its campaign, which also translates across all areas of the business; social media and digital connectivity being top priorities. Aldo has heavily invested towards conducting yearly consumer insight research, which has allowed the global team to identify who their key audience is in order to better cater to them while consistently adapting their strategy to meet their needs.