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Report: Amazon Shoe Sales Sees Double-Digit Growth in Q1 and Q2

Many wholesale shoe brands exhibiting at FFANY this week griped about the affects Amazon is having on their business. And, a new report by U.K.-based data firm One Click Retail will do little to soothe their qualms.

One Click Retail’s report finds that Amazon’s U.S. footwear sales are dramatically outpacing the national average. Amazon’s year-over-year footwear sales from 2015 to 2016 climbed 35 percent to $1.6 billion. In comparison, total U.S. shoe sales online and in-store increased 5 percent to $36 billion.

Amazon is maintaining that momentum, thanks in part to a slew of store closures and the roll-out of new consumer-friendly initiatives, including the introduction of Prime Wardrobe, which allows Prime members to try-on footwear for no additional cost. During the first two quarters of 2017, the online retailer saw footwear sales jump 18 percent year-over-year, before it even launched a new footwear and accessories private label, The Fix, and nabbed athletic footwear behemoth, Nike, as a first-party seller.

The report indicated that athletic footwear brands are primed for growth on Amazon. During the first and second quarter of 2017, Amazon’s athletic footwear sales outpaced all other categories raking in $205 million. Meanwhile, the report found that five different variations of the women’s Adidas Originals Superstar sneaker were among the six fastest-growing items on

However, the data firm pointed out that Adidas’ rise in the ranks of Amazon’s shoe sales reveals that the product group is not being dominated by longstanding incumbents, and is still open to competition. Sales data shows the top five emerging brands in the U.S. come from the outdoor and comfort arena—Keen, Crocs, Clarks, Merrell and Ecco.

“Nevertheless, Adidas is a major global brand, so we need to look past the likes of Skechers, Asics, New Balance and other industry heavyweights to identify the true emerging brands,” the report said.