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Michael Jordan’s Sneakers Break Auction Records; Apple Kicks Fall Flat

Michael Jordan continues to break records. The Converse sneakers worn by Jordan during the gold medal game against Spain in the 1984 Olympics sold at auction for a whopping $190,373 on Sunday.

The sneakers garnered interest from Jordan fans and sneakerheads alike for being the last pair of sneakers the NBA legend wore as an amateur player. Jordan autographed the sneakers, which still include his orthotic inserts.

According to ESPN, the auction breaks a previous record for a pair of game-worn sneakers Jordan wore during the 1997 NBA Finals, which sold for $104,765 in 2013.

A pair of a rare sneakers made exclusively for Apple employees had less luck. The white leather sneakers, decked out with the tech company’s iconic rainbow logo from the 1990s, were listed on eBay this weekend at a starting price of $15,000, with Business Insider reporting that the sneakers could fetch up to $30,000.

The shoes didn’t sell. However, Heritage Auction reports the seller is accepting offers until June 26. The current price of the item online is up to $18,750.