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Under Armour CEO Says Nike Doesn’t Fight Fair

Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank had some harsh words for Nike in a recent interview.

In a conversation on the Today Show’s Sunday Sitdown with Willie Geist, Plank said that Nike did not “fight fair.”

The interview focused on Under Armour’s rise to becoming an athletic-wear giant, and discussed the brand’s lag compared to Nike.

Plank told Geist that his company was in an unfair fight with Nike. He then went on to explain, “Big companies do what big companies do. They’ve got more money. When we run a commercial we’ve got one shot. The commercial’s got to be great, it’s got to be a hit.”

Despite these big companies having an “unfair” advantage to Under Armour, the company still lists big-time athletes like Tom Brady and Stephen Curry on its roster.