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Under Armour Launches Custom Shopping App

As apps continue to be an increasingly important slice of the branding and money-making pie for athletic shoe brands like Adidas and Nike, it was only a matter of time before Under Armour came up with its own branded shopping app.

UA Shop is the Baltimore-based brand’s first mobile app dedicated to consumer shopping, and will be linked to Under Armour’s Connected Fitness suite of apps, using fitness data to create a “deeply personalized” shopping experience, the company said.

“UA Shop is the next step in our connected fitness evolution as Under Armour becomes a true Math House,” said Jason LaRose, Under Armour senior vice president of revenue. “This app was created to maximize our digital platform and complement our existing in-store experiences by bringing consumers a way to find the products they want, when they want it. We are now able to provide custom experiences across our various categories specific to our diverse customer base.”

Under Armour says the app will connect users to relevant gear based on data from their workouts. For example, a consumer living in a warmer climate who has logged several runs through MapMyRun might be exposed to UA CoolSwitch apparel and running footwear, while a customer in the Northeast who prefers hiking might see the brand’s latest baselayer and outerwear.

Much the same as Nike recently merged all of its fitness apps under the Nike+ moniker, Under Armour has announced the debut of Under Armour Account, a single profile for all Under Armour apps. Members of UA Record and MapMyFitness can sync their existing account information to UA Shop, with MyFitnessPal and Endomondo integration being added soon.

UA Shop is available for download now exclusively on the App Store, but will soon be available in the Google Play store as well.