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Under Armour’s Next Lighthouse Location is Coming Sooner Than You Think

Self-described underdog Under Armour makes no secret of the failures it overcame to snatch market share from Nike and Adidas. But now that it’s a major player in the active apparel and footwear world, why isn’t the Baltimore-based brand keeping quiet about what’s happening behind the scenes at its Lighthouse innovation center?

It’s simple: “We are truly interested in advancing manufacturing,” stressed Jami Dunbar, vice president of apparel and virtualization at Lighthouse, speaking Tuesday at Fashion Forward, an industry event hosted by Lectra in Bordeaux, France. “Our interests are shared among everyone in this room.”

Dunbar described the 35,000-square-foot Lighthouse, which opened this past June in South Baltimore’s City Garage, as both a “beacon for brand vision” and a “secret weapon for revolutionizing how all products are made.”

It’s where Under Armour works alongside organizations and academia, including the University of Maryland’s Engineering Department, the Dow Chemical Company, Huntsman, Lectra, Vernis, Epson, Desma and 3dmd, to drive innovation in product and process technology in order to create a brand-new manufacturing model.

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