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Asics Is Developing Custom Microwave Soles

Asics has partnered with Taiwan-based Tayin Research & Development Co., Ltd., to develop a microwave technique to speed up the time it takes to make a pair of athletic soles. The innovative method lets customers custom build their shoe soles in a matter of seconds.

First the customer chooses a color for the midsole from a wide assortment of available colors. The color choices are then popped into a microwave and fused together in as little as 15 seconds to create an absolute custom midsole.

Once the midsole is ready, the customer can then select any color they want for the upper body. Lastly, the upper and midsole are fused together to create a true one-of-a-kind shoe.

The technology is now in testing phases, but Asics believes that when it’s up and running it will not only revolutionize the way soles are constructed, but because it takes less time than the methods they’re currently using it will also reduce energy consumption by 90 percent.

Looking toward the future, Asics sees the evolution of this new technology also changing the future in-store experience for the athletic footwear shopper, giving them the option to custom design their shoe in the store on the spot.