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Bearpaw’s Parent Company Announces New Private Label Business

Romeo & Juliette Inc, the parent company of Bearpaw, announced Monday that it is introducing a new sector of business for private label and first cost wholesalers.

The newly created First Cost Division represents Romeo & Juliette Inc.’s effort to stay on top of the trends and produce top-notch footwear, increase quality of service and sales and create a quicker speed-to-market.

Aaron Brown, senior first cost director, will head the new division, which will extend its offerings to include design, research and development, on site sample rooms, QC, full scale production and increase speed to market.

“As we mature as a company we want to utilize and maximize relationships with factories overseas and increase business opportunities year-round,” said Brown. “Our factory partners manufacture lots of great product that may not be a fit for the Bearpaw portfolio, but can be very beneficial to retailers and other wholesale brands.”

The division will be made up of an established footwear team with more than 100 years of industry experience, providing guidance from initial design and inspiration to FOB deliveries.