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Bella Hadid Goes Sneaker Shopping and Twitter Reacts With a Meme-a-thon

When supermodel Bella Hadid stopped by Kith in New York’s SoHo for an on-camera sneaker shopping spree with Complex magazine she had no idea that she was setting the stage for a game of comical linguistics on Twitter.

Judging from reaction to the video, people paid less attention to Bella’s sneaker advice and more to counting the times she appeared awkward using words like “homeboy,” “dope” and “sick” during the almost-eight-minute video. And Twitter followers are never shy about letting us know exactly how they feel.

The segment that got the most attention and sparked the smarmiest memes was when Bella nixed a pair of slip-ons for Nike Air Max 95 and Jordans, saying, “If homeboy’s coming through with these…no it’s quiet for him. But if he comes through with these….homeboy is gonna like…get it.”

Did you get that? Well, apparently Twitter didn’t.