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Brazilian Leather and Footwear Trends for Summer ’19 Play up the Fun

When it comes to Brazilian footwear, the country isn’t short on creativity. And that was little more evident than at the country’s Inspiramais trade show in São Paulo this month, where the show’s entire initiative is to promote the development of innovative materials and present them to buyers as trends in line with the way the world is headed.

At this iteration of Inspiramais, leather trends and footwear trimmings for Summer 2019 took on rich, vibrant hues, and tapped into elements of fun, straying from what’s been standard. Three trends emerged that are expected to be key for the Summer ’19 season.


When it comes to Resistance, basics are being threatened by the more theatrical.

“Decorative exaggeration, an overdose of folkloric identity and too many volumes indicate that we are in need of powerful emotions in fashion,” an excerpt from the trend board read.

Here, embroideries, patterns, straps and ribbons will be inspired by various peoples and immigrants, as well as by folk and baroque elements. Oversized designs, components and accessories will also be key, and color blocking will feature pure hues with contrasted materials.


Trims in the story hit on the same pure, primary colors, incorporate new patterns into insoles and heels, and definitely play up the details with baroque florals and gold detailing.


Put simply, the Lightness trend is about just that: highlighting elements that have a sense of weightlessness or flight.

Surrealism, air and tenacity will be key to this trend. Here, leathers will take on evanescent and fluid looks, while skeletonization and elasticity will also be apparent.


Trims in this trend speak to softer colors, like pinks and pastel blues, with glittered insoles and translucent floral and rope details.


For Summer ’10, the Appropriation trend will be all about turning the ordinary into extraordinary.

Remodelling and deformation are the key themes that carry this story and leather elements will speak to experience, irony and will often be left with an unfinished look.


Insoles and outsoles will take on prints and patterns once reserved for uppers, and embroidery, metallics and pearlescent jewels will add their own touch of glam.