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Brooks Announces 2016 Running Club Grant Recipients

Brooks Running Company is giving back to young runners with the announcement of its Brooks Booster Club grant recipients for 2016.

Brooks Booster Club, which provides more than $350,000 in gear and cash to help support underfunded high school running programs across the country, has selected 25 recipients for this year’s grants.

The grant each school will receive includes training and racing shoes, racing uniforms and warm-ups for a 30-person team and $2,000 to help with expenses including pay-to-play fees, meet entries and transportation costs.

“The Brooks Booster Club invests in the heart and soul of the sport of running, helping to eliminate barriers for young athletes looking to participate,” said Brooks Running CEO Jim Weber. “If we can help sustain these track and cross country programs at the high school level, there’s a much greater chance these athletes will stay active and lead healthier lives long after receiving a diploma.”

Schools receiving grants this year demonstrated a compelling need for assistance; team circumstances included entire student populations receiving free and reduced lunch, teams required to do all of their own fundraising in absence of any other budget, and population demographics that face higher rates of health concerns.

“We know that many young runners and school teams face a tough reality when it comes to getting the resources they need to suit up and run,” said Brooks Team Brand Manager Steve DeKoker. “We want to clear the way for these deserving athletes so they and their coaches can focus on one of the best parts of being on a high school team: running with others toward a common goal.”