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Can Fitfully End Online Retailers’ Return Problem?

Fitfully aims to take the guesswork out of finding the right size shoe online.

Founded by Roy Tertman and Batia Mach Shepherd, Fitfully is an integrated 3D measuring application that uses proprietary software to scan consumers’ feet from home, and then use that data to tell them exactly what size to order. The app is slated to launch in February, going live on and Adidas. Tertman said the company is in talks with other brands including Nike, Zalando and New Balance.

“Online shopping will never completely replace going to the store,” he said. “There are certain experiences that you can’t replicate. But e-commerce for footwear isn’t efficient and retailers are losing money.”

Tertman believes Fitfully will help reduce the number of shoes that are returned from online shopping. Over time, he hopes the technology will encourage consumers who only buy shoes in brick-and-mortar to feel more comfortable going digital.

“We found that 50 percent of footwear sales are dropped when you have to pick a size,” Tertman said. “Shoes are measured in millimeters so if it doesn’t fit by just a tiny fraction it can make all the difference to the wearer, especially in running and sports.”


Tertman likens the app to a fit engine. Fitfully creates a 3D model of the user’s foot by taking several photographs as prompted by the program. The model is saved and each of Fitfully’s partners can access it to cross reference the “character file” created by Fitfully for each of their shoes. Fitfully’s algorithm calculates the difference in size and shape based on the characteristics of different materials, allowing the application to have a large breath of the shoes it can provide consumers a perfect fit online.

For consumers, the application requires nothing more than a typical smartphone with a camera. Once the user’s information has been uploaded, they can access the data from retailers’ websites that have Fitfully embedded.