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Ccilu Receives A’Design Top Honors

Ccilu Footwear won top honors at this year’s A’Design Awards, one of the world’s largest international design competitions, while announcing a North American presence with subsidiary Ccilu USA.

Ccilu won the Golden A’Design Award for its Diffusion Functional winter boots, and the Platinum A’Design Award in the footwear, shoes and boots design category. Last year, Under Armour was the winner in this category.

Ccilu’s winning design features a black-and-white outsole with the “Ichmatsu Moyo” pattern, a leading fashion symbol during Japan’s Golden Age as well as the pattern chosen by the Tokyo Olympic Committee as the official logo of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic. The shoe also features Ccilucell technology, a low-carbon innovation, at the core of the collection.

“We believe that your intelligent and diligent contributions to arts, science, design and technology through creation of superior products, projects and services makes the world a better place,” said Makpal Bayetova, participant coordinator.

The deciding International Design Academy, a grand jury panel with members of the press, designers, academics and entrepreneurs. The awards were voted on by the International Design Academy, a grand jury panel consisting of influential press members, established designers, leading academics and prominent entrepreneurs worldwide.

“On behalf of our talented and hard-working team, I am honored to accept these awards,” said Ccilu founder and CEO Wilson Hsu. “Whether designing Ccilu’s or wearing them, our mantra is to liberate yourself.”