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Japanese Insta Celeb Cat Gets Own Shoe Line

The Japanese fashion brand Randa recently debuted a small shoe line inspired by a cat.

Mash, an Instagram famous cat in Japan who boasts upwards of 182,000 followers, just got tossed the ultimate chew toy—a pair of high-end shoes of which he was the inspiration.

The catspicuous line includes fake-fur pumps reminiscent to Mash’s own beige/orange fur shade. The feline featured shoes come in flats, heels and kitten heels. One pair even features Mash’s face on the heel side, with a small collar and faux-fur tail lining the inseam of the shoe. Each shoe shows off a kitty paw print on the bottom of the sole.

The pairs are available on Randa’s website and in Randa stores in October. However, the pumps featuring Mash’s face are sold only in a limited number of stores.