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Change Your Shoes Calls for Transparency in Footwear Supply Chain

Change Your Shoes, a network of NGOs lobbying for sustainable improvements of social and environmental conditions in the worldwide shoe and leather industries, launched a petition urging shoe brands to instate a number of initiatives to help prevent human rights abuses within the supply chain.

The petition, which has received more than 13,600 signatures, asks leading UK shoe brands and retailers, like Dr Martens and Primark, to make a number of changes in a move towards a more transparent system.

The petition calls for brands to publish the names and addresses of all suppliers, report on progress in moving away from harmful chemicals and to show evidence that they are upholding the human rights of those making shoes, through fair wages and a safe work environment.

Change Your Shoes isn’t the first organization to call for a more transparent and sustainable supply chain.  In June, Know the Chain released a study assessing forced labor risk of footwear brands’ leather supply chains. And, with brands like Adidas making moves to eradicate forced labor and modern day slavery in its supply chains, the number of people calling on a more transparent supply chain continues to grow.

Change Your Shoes plans to send the petition to shoe brands throughout Europe.