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Charlotte Olympia Debuts Emoji-Inspired Cat Shoes

Charlotte Olympia brought together two of our favorite things: emojis and shoes. The British designer’s latest collection, #Emoticats, (yes, hashtag and all) comes in a range of seven different colors, all with velvet uppers.

The kitty-themed shoes are embroidered with three facial expressions, named #lolkitty, #cheekykitty and #flirtykitty. The collection also features two bags, the #Pandora clutch inlayed with a gold metal hashtag design, and metallic #Kitty pouch.


The brand’s website celebrates the launch with an interactive photo booth to upload a photo of themselves and create their own ‘Emoticat Face’ using cat facial expressions taken directly from the collection. The photos will be shared on Charlotte Olympia’s social media channels and entered into a competition by using the #Emoticat hashtag, with a chance to win a pair of the newly launched flats.


Both the collection and campaign launch Oct. 1, while the line will be available on the company’s website and in select stores starting at $525.