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Drew Barrymore & John Cena Join Crocs Campaign

Crocs is telling fans to come as they are in the company’s new campaign.

This week, Crocs announced their new comfort and individuality focused ad campaign titled “Come As You Are.” The campaign will feature brand ambassadors like John Cena, Drew Barrymore, Canadian pop-star Henry Lau and Korean singer/actress Yoona wearing Crocs and celebrating the uniqueness of individuals.

“‘Come As You Are’ is an invitation for people to come together and share their one-of-a-kind-ness,” said Crocs CEO Gregg Ribatt. “Crocs has never wavered from its identity: optimistic, versatile, comfortable and not afraid to poke holes in convention. Drew, John, Yoona and Henry are perfect partners for what our brand stands for including celebrating diversity and all that makes each of us unique.”

“Embracing the ‘Come As You Are’ spirit is about being comfortable with your true self in all that you do. There’s so much more love than there is lack of love in the world. You just have to gravitate towards it,” said Barrymore to Crocs.

“I have a real, personal connection with ‘Come As You Are’,” Cena said. “Not being afraid to be yourself is something I have lived and encouraged since I was 14 years old when I was bullied for being ‘different.’ I learned to not just endure the negativity, but to actually thrive on it and turn it into something positive.”

Crocs will announce more details on the campaign in early 2017.