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Crocs Continues Business As Usual; Says Patent Lawsuit Has Been Exaggerated

Crocs plans to move ahead with business as usual, despite a recent court ruling against the company in a patent dispute with USA Dawgs, a Las Vegas-based shoe label.

Crocs told Vamp in a written statement, that the company is aware of the decision issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office relating to “one of our many design patents, as well as several subsequent and needlessly dramatic headlines.”

USA Dawgs filed the lawsuit in question, a six-count lawsuit against the founders and directors of Crocs company for using faulty patents in order to monopolize the plastic clog market.

Crocs also emphasized that the recent court decision is just the next step in the administrative process, allowing Crocs to appeal to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, with the potential to go before the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals—the same court that previously ruled in the brand’s favor in the same patent issue during the International Trade Commission case. The brand urged that they are confident in the appeals process.

The patent in question remains valid and enforceable throughout the appeals process, which can take years to come to a head.

Throughout, Crocs will continue to be a world leader in innovative casual footwear, inspiring our customers to express their one-of-a-kindness and to be comfortable in their own shoes,” the company told Vamp. “We will continue to aggressively enforce our intellectual property portfolio against those who unfairly trade on Crocs’ goodwill and reputation, and we remain unapologetically optimistic about our present and future.