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Upstep Launches Online Program for Custom Orthotics

Custom orthotics brand Upstep’s new direct-to-consumer service slashes the price of orthotics. The New Jersey-based company launched an online service that allows customers to order custom orthotics from the comfort of their home.

Upstep’s orthotics retail for $189-$239, which the company says is 35-50 percent less than the cost of similar orthopedic products offered by podiatrist.

The process is simple: The customer makes a foot imprint with a kit provided by the company and sends it back to Upstep. The company uses 3-D technology to scan the footprint and the orthotics are custom designed based on each customer’s specific requirements.

The technology also offers a platform that takes various work or athletic factors in order to meet the individual customer’s needs.

Each footprint that Upstep scans is saved in the company’s computerized database, enabling customers to order additional orthotics for up to five years.

Upstep custom orthotics are made to deal with common types of foot pain, such as heel pain and arch pain, as well as medical conditions like plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinopathy, heel spurs and more. The company currently has two product categories for everyday wear and sports.