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DSW Plans to Bring 3D Technology to Stores

DSW is planning to use 3D technology to bring custom fit shoes to the masses.

Though a new strategic partnership with Feetz, a 3D printing technology company that makes sustainable, custom fit shoes, DSW says it will use 3D technology at its retail stores to give customers the ability to to purchase affordable, custom fit shoes on-demand.

“The Feetz model will allow our customers to purchase true custom fit shoes at a fraction of what traditional bespoke shoes cost. We believe that giving customers the ability to purchase on-demand, affordable, custom fit shoes has the potential to disrupt the footwear market as we know it today,” said Simon Nankervis, DSW chief commercial officer.

Feetz has been working with DSW for the past 18 months on the technology. The company has recently completed construction on a new 3D printing manufacturing facility in San Diego, with the intention of fulfilling thousands of orders per month, although DSW did not specify when it plans to roll out the technologies in its stores.