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Edensoles Launches Insoles that Constantly Shapes to Feet

Is “dynamic customization” the next evolution of custom insoles? It’s a contouring concept that Edensoles founder David Green has been working on for seven years.

Edensoles launched a Kickstarter campaign earlier this month to bring its dynamic customization insoles into mass production. Unlike memory foam or feet scanning machines, the company claims its insoles continuously shape to the wearer’s feet. The contouring does not bounce back to its original shape or remain hard and static.

The concept for dynamic customization came to be when Green was unsatisfied with a pair of $700 orthotic insoles he ordered from a podiatrist.

“In truth, although I was frustrated by my new purchase, it was a great day in my life because it got me started on the research that led me to the creation of ‘Dynamic Customization.’ I asked myself why the insoles had to be hard, why must one sacrifice comfort for the sake of support. I asked many questions of podiatrists, biomechanic engineers, shoe designers and many people who wore shoe inserts,” Green wrote on Kickstarter.

Edensoles’ insoles contain two pockets under the arch and toes filled with a moldable polymer that immediately shapes to feet. The polymer is formulated to provide a balance of strong support with flexible comfort. The top layer is made of slow release, anti-sweat foam covered by anti-slip, breathable fabric.

The insoles are offered in two designs for dress shoes and athletic shoes. Insoles are expected to retail for $30.

Green launched the Kickstarter campaign to help prepare to mass-produce and launch his product worldwide.

“After all this hard work creating such an exciting product, the last thing we want is to see it fizzle away due to the lack of the required funding,” he said.