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Caleres Sourcing SVP Talks Current Footwear Production Issues in China

Times moves fast, and that is especially true in China, where issues surrounding sourcing change all the time.

At the FDRA’s recent Impact Summit, Caleres’ Sourcing SVP Chuck Gilreath discussed current issues impacting production in China, which remains central to Caleres’ sourcing operations even as the company is making shoes in other countries.

“A couple of years ago everyone was concerned about labor shortages, the RMB was gaining against the dollar,” said Gilreath. “Now people have moved, and the people who have remained have seen the labor shortage not what it was, and the pressure off the RMB has been helpful.”

“For us there’s a real advantage to having one location where we can have a consistent culture and communicate easily,” he added. “China is the premiere supply chain.”

View the full interview with FDRA President Matt Priest below.