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FDRA Ranks Top US Footwear Suppliers

The Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) released its 2015 Footwear Production Power Rankings. The list names the top 10 footwear suppliers based on the number of shoes each country produces for the U.S. market, and documents changes in rankings over time. Significant shifts occurred this year with particular growth from those Southeast Asian countries involved in Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations.

China is still the dominant supplier to the U.S. at 79 percent, but it is below 80 percent for the first time in years. Meanwhile, Vietnam experienced an impressive year of growth, up 19 percent to take 12 percent of the U.S. market share. This move comes in anticipation of the TPP trade deal. Indonesian exports to the U.S. were flat, which the FDRA posits as a result of that country’s absence from TPP negotiations.

India grew 10 percent, taking the place as the 4th largest supplier. Mexico and Italy were pushed down to 5th and 6th place respectively, as exports from Mexico dropped 9 percent, and Italy remained flat.

Cambodia experienced the most growth overall, reaching 134 percent and moving up three spots in the rankings. As surplus work from Vietnam was passed over to Cambodia, the country’s opportunities expanded.

Brazil recovered from several years of slowed growth and increased 19 percent. The Dominican Republic also increased exports, leading the CAFTA-DR countries with 10 percent growth in 2014.

Thailand took the tenth spot, representing 3 percent of U.S. imports, down 1 spot from 2013.

“We wanted to provide a clear visual of what global footwear production looked like in 2014 for the industry because there are still a lot of sourcing changes taking place, said FDRA president Matt Priest about the power rankings. “We are constantly compiling and analyzing data, and talking with factories and top sourcing execs to identify sourcing trends for FDRA members.”

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