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Feetz Makes Largest 3-D Printed Shoes for Tallest Teen

Broc Brown, a 19-year-old in Michigan Center, Mich., finally has a new pair of shoes that fit thanks to Feetz, custom 3-D printing shoe company, according to CNN.

Due to a condition called Sotos syndrome, or cerebral gigantism, Brown does not stop growing. The 7-foot-8 teenager wears a size 28 shoe, meaning his feet extend almost 17 inches long, resulting in limited and pricey shoe options.

After discovering Feetz, Brown enlisted the company’s help in creating shoes that fit, which took the 30 hours to print.

“He felt special. For everyone, no matter your size, it should be easy to get a pair of shoes,” Feetz CEO Lucy Beard told CNN.

Brown’s aunt, Stacy Snyder, posted a video of the teenager putting his custom sneakers on for the first time, and the pure joy on his face upon discovering the shoes fit.

“It’s not every day that we can find a pair of shoes that fit Broc, and these fit perfectly,” his aunt said in the video.

According to Synder, Brown already placed an order for a pair of sandals for the warmer months.